About Us

Grippo India is one of the leading manufacturer of EOAT, S.P.M., conveyors & its auxiliary equipment’s. Any robot with enhanced technology is useless without a good End of arm tool. Based on empirical understanding of the market needs, we offer quality services at competitive price without loosing sight of regulatory compliances.

We are the one stop solution for E.O.A.T., S.P.M., conveyors & its auxiliary equipment’s. Over 6 years, We have experienced an enviable industrial success story with almost 4000 EOAT has been installed across globe. We carry a tagline of “ You name it we grip it” Which shows our dedication and determination towards robot automation and EOAT solution. Having a strong team with in house R&D, Manufacturing & Quality inspection system.

Our Vision

A global leader in End of arm tooling & auxiliary robot automation. Our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination. It captures our aspiration of being best in everything we do. It is the basis for what we all stand for as one company. Our vision and our values guide the choices and decision our employees make every day.

Our Values

We put customers at the centre of what we do.

We value, challenges and reward our people.

We drive excellent sustainable financial performance.